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Privacy Statement

Purpose of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy serves to inform you about the collection, usage, and disclosure of information provided via this Site. By utilizing this Site, you acknowledge your agreement with the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. Please refrain from accessing this Site if you do not consent to these terms.

What Our Privacy Policy Covers

This Privacy Policy applies specifically to this Site and all affiliated sites owned by Chateau Belle Beauty, Inc. Although this Site may offer links to external websites, these are not governed by this Privacy Policy, even if owned by business partners or service providers of Chateau Belle Beauty. We strongly urge you to review the privacy policy of any website you visit, including those linked from this Site. When accessing any external website from this Site, you are solely responsible for any interactions or communications therein.

Information Collection – Passive

This Site utilizes various technologies to passively gather information during your visit, meaning you do not actively provide this data. Such technologies enable the collection of non-personally identifiable information, including your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, operating system, visit timestamp, specific pages accessed, session identifiers, and the website visited before arriving at this Site. This passively collected information serves various purposes, such as site administration, customization, and aggregated statistics for marketing and research. We reserve the right to utilize this non-personally identifiable information, including sharing it with affiliates, business partners, advertisers, and third parties.

Two notable passive information collection technologies include:

1. Web Beacons

Web beacons are Internet tags smaller than cookies, relaying non-personally identifiable information such as IP addresses and browser types to website servers. This Site does not employ web beacons.

2. Cookies

Cookies are small text files storing information about user interactions with a website, either temporarily or permanently. They enhance website usage by quickly accessing stored information, improving navigation, and customizing user experiences. This Site utilizes both session/temporary and persistent/permanent cookies to enhance user experience. Disabling cookies in your browser settings may restrict access to certain features or areas of the Site.

Information Collection – Active

Certain sections of this Site may prompt or require you to provide various kinds of information, including personally identifiable information. These areas typically specify required and optional information. By actively providing data through designated points on this Site, you expressly consent to its collection, usage, and dissemination as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Active information collection points on this Site may include:

1. Information Requests

Forms on this Site allow you to request information about Chateau Belle Beauty, Inc., its affiliates, or products/services. These forms may request personal details to fulfill your requests adequately.

2. Email Reply Systems

You may utilize email reply systems to submit questions or comments, where the provided information is typically optional.

3. Restricted Access Forms

Access to specific Site sections may require registration, prompting for identification and contact details.

4. Survey Forms

Forms enable feedback submission about Chateau Belle Beauty, Inc., its affiliates, products/services, and other relevant topics.

5. Employment

This Site may link to third-party employment websites for job applications. Submission of an online employment application shares personally identifiable information with these third parties, subject to their privacy policies.

6. Email Delivery

Providing your email address allows receipt of newsletters, alerts, or reminders related to Chateau Belle Beauty, Inc., its affiliates, and other pertinent topics.

7. Online Buying

Online purchases necessitate the provision of personally identifiable and payment information for order processing and account creation purposes.

8. Download Forms

Software downloads may require completion of forms, including personal and system information, for tracking and communication purposes.

9. Credit Applications

Businesses seeking to buy or lease products may submit online credit applications, providing business and personal information for evaluation.

10. Other Features

Various interactive features like tests, quizzes, and calculators gather input to provide immediate feedback.

Who Should Use This Site

This Site is not intended for children under 13 years of age. We do not aim to collect personally identifiable information from children under this age.

Information Maintenance

Efforts are made to maintain accurate, current, and complete personally identifiable information collected via this Site. Users can update or correct provided information by resubmitting applicable forms or contacting us via email.

Protection of Information

Although we implement measures to safeguard personally identifiable information, website security is not foolproof. We cannot guarantee the absolute security or accuracy of information transmitted to us via this Site. Users are responsible for protecting usernames and passwords and must notify us of unauthorized use.

By accessing this Site, you acknowledge assuming the risk associated with transmitting information. Unauthorized use of this Site using your credentials is your sole responsibility.